photo walk 'n workshop (Individual)

How do you see the world?  Everyone has their own unique eye and vision of the world in which we live.  The French Quarter in New Orleans serves as a worldly wealth of imagery, a perfect backdrop to walk, talk, photograph, develop and expand  our own unique and individual worldview.  ..In just 2 hours to boot.

Goal/Mission - In this photo workshop we will explore how you see, what you see and and how to gain an understanding of photography basics and composition tools to better communicate your vision. 

Requirements:  Your eye! Any and all cameras are welcome. Bring your iPhone, point and shoot, bridge camera, DSLR or film cameras. Heck, bring an instant camera if you want! (I just got one, its super fun)  This photo walk is geared towards beginning photographers and anyone that has ever taken a picture and wants to learn the basics of photography and composition.

Register:  Purchase your Photo Walk 'n Workshop Gift Certificate and then use the form below or have the recipient email me to schedule our walk!  The walk will generally take place in the afternoon in the French Quarter.  The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours


lumen print workshops

A solar printing process creates a lumen print.  Lumen printing offers a unique way to document our environment.  Developed as one of the first photo techniques in the 19th century, a lumen print is an impression of our world, as is.    Workshops are offered seasonally and by request. If you have a group or organization that would be interested in this process, please email me using the form below.   Workshops last approximately 4 hours.  Have sun, will travel!

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