Lumen Print Workshops

Lumen Printing is one of the first photographic processes developed by Fox Talbot in the mid nineteenth century.  Using (mostly) organic materials as subjects and sunlight as developer, a lumen print creates a unique impression of our world. The lumen print workshops give an overview of the process, the affect of light, subject matter and different papers on the final outcome as well as composition tips and techniques used to create unique cameraless photographs.  Each year I host a workshop around the change of seasons. The Equinoxes and Solstices are a time to reflect and celebrate the world in which we live - so what better way to celebrate than to create our own impressions of this world!   I also have begun a new series of Lumens on Location, focusing on native plants and flowers of the region.  Have sun, will travel!

If you are interested in booking a lumen print workshop for your group or organization or in your area, please contact me to discuss! 


French Quarter and Garden District Photo Workshops

As an instructor with American Photo Safari, I teach camera and composition basics as we explore all of those great shots in the French Quarter and/or Garden District.  Each workshop lasts approximately 3 hours. This is a great way to learn your camera as well as develop your photographic eye.  All cameras and skill levels are welcome!  French Quarter workshops begin at Jackson Square and Garden District workshops begin at Lafayette Cemetery.   Feel free to contact me for more info, or use the button below to sign up. You will receive a confirmation email from American Photo Safari.