It's all in the details and everything is relative....that has been my mantra in my photographic subjects as well as in the clever ditties I write.   Though I wrote my first song at age 5 (Three Mountains in a Row...I illustrated it too), I didn't begin writing songs in earnest until my early thirties when my life changed at the DMV.  Since then I've become a quirky folky songwriter with limited chord knowledge writing about life and all that comes with it - from finding spiritual validation at Walgreens and at a Baton Rouge gas station, tp accepting and making peace with aging and arthritis in a stripper store, to feeling blessed in nature and for garbage collectors cleaning up the physical clutter so I can clear out my mental clutter on my morning walks along the river - and Lizards rule.  

I also create and produce performance pieces that generally involve universal and social themes. Through songs, stories, and photographs,   thoughts are illustrated on subjects ranging from self-discovery at unlikely places (Nattie @ the DMV), self-respect in a world of pick-up lines and good drinkin’ times (My G-String is Out of Tune) and self-worth learned from lessons as a substitute teacher (Nattie and the Class of 2019).  My latest performance piece is called Louisiana: The State of My World which chronicles my journey during the Louisiana World Tour.  

Each Wednesday I host the World's Most Open Mic at Buffa's Bar & Restuarantwhere local & visiting songwriters and musicians gather to do what they do, playing music and strengthening the vast music scene in New Orleans.

Every 3rd Thursday I play a (mostly) solo gig at the NeutralGround Coffeehouse 8-9pm

Since 2014, now on a semi and occasional monthly basis, I host and book a Songwriter Circle at Buffas featuring original songwriters from across the NOLA music spectrum.  Check the calendar for future listings.