Welcome!  These collections show samples of my film and digital photographic work - and Betty the Bullhorn.  Always with Betty the Bullhorn. (True, she deserves her own site, but I'm just honored to have her in my photo galleries at all, please see her bio below).  in photography, I'm interested in the environment in which we live and create for ourselves.  Small town and landscape photography have long been favorite subjects of mine as well as portraiture - I've added some travel and street photography galleries in addition to my silver gelatin "Life in the 21st Century" small town gallery.   I'm probably more motivated by thought rather than subject and my Reflective Reflections gallery reflects that notion.   I intend to show more work through future blog posts, please sign up for my newsletter if you would like to stay informed, and thanks for visiting!

life in the 21st century

Reflective Reflections

sacred places:  This is what our world looks like

sacred faces

betty the bullhorn

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