lumen prints

A lumen print is a solar photogram - an image created on photographic paper, exposed by the sun. It was one of the first photographic processes developed by Fox Talbot in 19th century England. I began working with the lumen print process in 2008. From the first print I was hooked, captivated by the relationship between the emulsion and the sun, and that the end result is an impression of our world, as is. Since that time I have sought out new ways to create the effect of the print that I want, such as using different paper emulsions or materials (like stars!). What I’ve discovered is that the possibilities are endless, and it gives me great joy to continue to explore all that the world has to offer, from the tiniest bloom to the largest leaf - its all in how you see it.

The galleries below feature selections from various lumen print series I’ve created over the years. If interested in purchasing a print or commissioning one, or seeing more from the series, please contact me for availability/possibility. Due to the unique nature of these prints - and papers, I only print on expired paper that would otherwise be discarded - not all original prints are available.

For available selections from my Starry Lumen, & Bon Appetit series, you can visit my online gallery at Where Y’

If interested in perusing or purchasing more lumen prints check out my IlLUMENate Your Space gallery

fLight    a collection of lumenescent feathers

fLight is a series of lumenescent feathers that I have collected since 2011. It reflects upon my journey since flying feather first into the dawn of middle age, when I turned 40 in 2012, and still I'm only just beginning to get my feathers wet. I began the series grounded with earthy textures, followed by fun and fanciful blue jays, and ending with turkey feathers, reflecting the abundance of starting a new chapter of life. Each section has its own narrative.

bon appetit! lumen prints of herbs & vegetables

Bon Appetit! is by far the most fragrant series I’ve ever printed. What started out as carrot obsession morphed into reverence for the nourishment that nature provides. Many of the French herbs & spices were printed for an exhibition at Cafe Degas in New Orleans in Fall 2017.

Victorian Series based on 19th century mourning traditions

This series is inspired in part by the thoughts and reflections on life and death from Joseph Campbell, and his quote:

“The spirit is really the bouquet of life”

That we are mortal, that we rely on death to survive, and that we are in a constant state of change - is fact.  How we view and act upon the fragile life we inhabit is entirely up to us.  What lives and blossoms for future generations is our spirit. In tribute to the thoughts of Joseph Campbell, the customs of my native Louisiana, and to the origins of photography, I created a series of Lumen Prints,  using Victorian Mourning Traditions as a base.

starry lumens

The Starry Lumen collection combines natural objects and cultural symbols with starry stars to represent thoughts, dreams and reality of modern life using a 19th century photographic process. This series is inspired by our wondrous world and how we choose to see it and its possibilities.

sunburst lumens an electrified view of the world

I admit this series started out of pure fascination with the tones of the paper.

crescent city illumenations Lumen prints from New Orleans’ garden District.

I've spent the last 10 years taking daily walks in the Garden District, more so for mental clarity than for exercise… As I began experimenting with the lumen print process, my subject matter became the fallen flowers and leaves that I gathered as they crossed my path during these walks.  The result is a series of one-of-a-kind images that reflects my journey over the last decade. (2010)

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