Welcome to my online garden ‘o lumens!

Here you will find a collection of my available lumen prints. If any of them catch your eye and you would like to own your very own piece of the sun, please visit my Shoppe to order an Original 5x7. In the form field enter the title of the print you are interested in. You will then find yourself with a unique, one-of-a-kind print, created with the suns energy on recycled photographic paper. Currently all prints are 5x7 and are signed on back. Stay tuned for more prints and sizes as I continue to weed through my luminous garden full of flowers, weeds, butterflies & leaves. :) ***** Now through July 1st, all 5x7s are 20% off!!******

Lumen Print Garden

Lumen Print of the Day/Week/Month: Mexican Azalea, 2017