In February 2018 I was featured on the FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations) blog.  FIAF posted a few of my lumen prints along with this statement:

Natasha Sanchez is a photographer, songwriter & performer. Here we present some of her lumen prints, a typical photographic process of the 19th century, where the normal chemical agent of development replaces the light of the sun and instead of a negative one uses real objects. It is a variant of the most classic frame, which in the history of photography has had so many names, rayogram, shadogram...
Natasha Sanchez has been using it since 2008 to produce her impressions of leaves and flowers, creating, like other artists before her, a magical herbarium completely personal, where objects find new life.
To add a further touch of the to the entire process Natasha uses for printing the old paper now expired.
Of her photographic work she herself says: "as a photographer I have always been inspired by nature and the environment, especially the environment we create for ourselves."
And again... "fallen flowers, leaves and feathers crossing the path of my daily walks allow me to have a perception of my world as it really is, and the creative aspect of this particular process opens new roads to express what surrounds me."
Seeing her images is absolutely impossible not to remember the dawn of photographic technique, from William Henry Fox Talbot to the blueprints of Anna Atkins and, perhaps, to the first experiments of Wedgwood and Davy, but above all surprising the affinity of her thought with that of Luigi Veronesi, the great Italian Abstractionist, which speaking of his frames, writes "objects find in frame their primal expression, we can see them beyond their royal form"  - Carlo Braschi, FIAF