Hello!  I am happy to collaborate and create the lumen print of your choice, subject to printability! I do individual and commercial commissions, for private collection or corporate interiors.  I've also supplied the artwork for CD covers.  feel free to contact me for commission inquiries and collaborations!

Below you will find a few of my commissions



Private Collections

"Rosemary" from my “Bon Appetit” series as displayed in the Danny Barker house in the French Quarter


Ocshner Digital

Imaging Center

Through Where Y'art Gallery, many of my lumen prints were selected for Ocshners Digital Imaging Center which opened in December of 2017

index copy.jpg

Treme (TV Show)

Many of my photographs appeared in this HBO series in various locations.

Betty the Bullhorn made a cameo as well.


Carmella Rappazzo

Howlin' At the Moon

My image "Moon Garden" is featured on the cover of Carmela Rappazzo's latest CD, "Howlin' At the Moon"


Philip Melancon

Alive at Le Pavillion

A fun photoshoot with Philip Melancon led to the cover and back artwork of his CD "Alive at Le Pavillion"

Crossing Canal Parking Spot CD.jpg

Crossing Canal

My image "Parking for the Band" is used as the "parking spot" for Crossing Canal's debut EP, Lowdown Runaround Fool!