Victorian Skull Lumen

Victorian Skull Lumen_Natasha Sanchez_etsy_.jpg
Victorian Skull Lumen_Natasha Sanchez_etsy_.jpg

Victorian Skull Lumen

from 25.00

This victorian relic was left over from recent Cyanotype Workshop that i co-lead in New Orleans for World Cyanotype Day. I thought it fitting that he should have a proper burial as a Victorian Lumen Print!

Lumen Prints are sun prints - a solar photogram that uses the sun as an enlarger. Its one of the early photographic processes developed in the Victorian Age in 19th England.

All my lumen prints are made on discarded and expired photographic paper. The original Victorian Skull was made on expired Kodak Paper. I make prints available for all non-organic lumen print subject matter.

Available Image Size:

4x6 $25

5x7 $50

This listing is for a print of the original. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in the original sun print!

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