The State of my World, Summer 2018: space

Hellllooooo….I purposely put off posting The State of My World this summer because I had a feeling the months together would have more of a collective vibe…one long month with 3 very different, yet cohesive, parts.  I also wanted the opportunity to write “purposely put off posting” haha

So whats been up – Road Trippin to Nowhere which turned out to be Everywhere, 

(and saw whales)

Road Trippin to Antiquity, visiting what was once the largest city north of Mexico in pre- Columbian times,                         Cahokia in Southern Illinois.

And vacationing in & around Seattle

(and saw whales)

..not my photo b/c my pics are all of the sky..   photo ©San Juan Excursions

In between….there was a whole lot of cleaning/clearing out my apartment…to make space.

A tiny apartment that also serves as my studio can get super cluttered. My goal for the summer was to organize my prints/studio, but I quickly learned that to organize my prints I had to organize my apartment and in organizing my apartment I was unintentionally, unexpectedly but necessarily organizing my life, thus making space for what lies ahead.  This summer was given over to making the time to create the space to move forward. (insert snazzy sundial pic here, except that I already posted it so here's another one) So this blogs theme is space. (Or whales.)

And on that note … I have quite a few things coming up –

Saturday, August 11th Urbanism & EccentricitesWhere Y'art Gallery /1901 Royal/ a group show commemorating 300 years of NOLA juried by geographer Richard Campenella – my print “Passing Time” was chosen for this exhibtion

Monday, August 13th – Opening for the Coliseum Street Extras at Luckys /1625 St Charles/ 10-11pm

Thursday, August 16th – Solo at the Neutralground Coffeehouse /5510 Danneel/ 8-9pm

Sunday,  August 19thSongwriter Circle at Buffas /1001 Esplanade/ with Micah McKee & Tereson Dupuy

Saturday, August 25th – Renaissance Pere Marquette/817 Common/  with Patrick Cooper

What with my new found spacious space (not quite there yet, but better) I’ll also be spending the next few weeks getting ready for my September exhibition of lumen prints at the Ocshner Healing Arts Walk at Ocshner Hospital!!  I’m really looking forward to showing this work in this healing environment.   More on that later.

I’m still going through my 650,000,000 pictures I took over the summer. ...And the summer ain't over yet.  Hopefully soon I’ll be posting my pics of the birthplace of heavy metal  (insert intrigue here)

Til then ..

Visiting Earth and beyond - in Maui

 "We are all just visitors to Earth."  - this quote, words spoken by a park ranger at Haleakala National Park in response to our reply that my friends and I were visiting this lovely island from New Orleans, perfectly summed up my ethereal birthday jaunt around the island of Maui last month.

I got an idea of what I was in for when my first glimpse of the island was this incredible moonset over West Maui Mountain. 

When I wasn't watching whales,

or meandering around Mars (a.k.a. the summit of Haleakala),

or photographing the dawn of my 45th trip around the sun,

 I was contemplating humankind's place in this vast world. 

 It was easy to do in a world so large yet at the same time so small.

Tiny planes were dwarfed by towering mountains, 

Tiny boats surrounded by Pacific waters, 

tiny pedestrians sharing the road through the vast countryside,

and tiny cyclist navigating mountainous curves.

Reverence is ubiquitous here and it is understood that rather than a choice, its a way of life. 

It has to be, otherwise drivers are faced with two way traffic on one way roads  



The land itself exudes that appreciation 

and it permeates throughout the culture.

Lucky for me that reverent vibe followed me home to New Orleans just in time to see our country go bonkers.  With all the divisiveness going on, it was refreshing to be in place that understands that regardless of who we are, where we live or what we believe,  at the end of the day we are all simply visitors to this earth.  And respect for ourselves, each other and our land is an essential part of living.

Nice way to spend a birthday.


Shout out to Michael, Monica and Alex ... it was a birthday adventure to remember...Mahalo!

all content (c) Natasha Sanchez