The State of My World, October 2018: Heavy Metal

Halloween makes me think of Ozzy Osbourne, cuz, well ….Ozzy, and also because I saw him at Voodoo Fest a few years back so naturally I thought my October blog should be about Birmingham.    teehee.

So I read an article once  that said Birmingham (UK) was the birthplace of heavy metal because its where Ozzy is from. Ever since I read that, which may have been in the pre-historic World Tour era, I’ve wanted to go to Birmingham (AL)  and photograph heavy metal (on 35mm film, of course..metal…).  I finally got that chance last May when Laura DeFazio was kind enough to make Birmingham a pit stop on our Road Trip to Nowhere. 

We found this great alley in which to explore metal things and apparently, climb metal things. 

It was a happy surprise to come across the Birmingham Oddities. These kinds of things always have a way of working out on the World Tour that will Never End.   The store was closed (Laura may have scaled the wall, can’t remember..) but it was both a joy and an appropriate oddity to come across on the Road Trip to Nowhere with a slight Ozzy Osbourne angle that later included whales (thats just lagniappe for now)  

Anyhoo, have a spooky Halloween, stay tuned for upcoming photo excitement (PhotoNOLA is just around the corner!) Also if you haven’t seen my latest Sun Print Road Trip pics from Paris and Mexico, click HERE.

Here’s what’s coming up gig wise on Halloween and in November:

October 31st - World’s Spookiest Open Mic Buffas (1001 Esplanade) 7pm

November 7th - Crescent City Farmers Market at the French Market with Patrick Cooper 1:30-4:30

November 15th - Neutral Ground Coffeehouse (5510 Danneel) 8-9pm

November 18th - Songwriter Circle with Jean Bayou and Beth Patterson Buffas (1001 Esplanade) 4-7pm

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