Free As a Bird - in Santa Fe, NM

In early July, I drove out to Santa Fe, the 3rd to last destination on the Solar World Tour.  I was there to participate with my lumen prints in Photo Historica, a photography sale sponsored by Bostick Sullivan for photographers that work in historic photographic processes.   I arrived in Santa Fe late in the evening on July 3rd, after visiting Sudan and making sun prints all over Earth.   I woke up the next morning to this loud racket coming from the outside my hotel room.  When I opened the door it appeared a tiny bird found himself trapped on the breezeway. He kept trying to fly out of the closed window or maybe he was attacking his own reflection, I don’t know, but either way…it was pretty remarkable and somehow significant.  So I did what any good and wanna-be birder would do and grabbed my camera to take some pics. 

The bird got more and more agitated and confused as time went on.  He was pacing back and forth.

Not realizing that freedom was only a few feet below..

It then dawned on me ….what kind of member of the animal kingdom was I?  Here I was shooting a fellow being rather than trying to help him.  (no, the irony is not lost there).  I put the camera down and went back to my room to see if I had anything to help coax the bird to safety.   Rarely do I  leave only One Crumb from a sandwich, but that’s all I had because well, it was a long drive from Earth…  So I took that crumb, more like a flake really, and poorly and pathetically attempted to throw it up on the ledge to try to lure the bird down. Clearly, this did not work, so I scattered some crumbs along the stairs and went to the lobby to get some coffee thinking I’d bring back some continental crumbs in case the bird was still there. However, when I returned - the bird was gone.

I’d like to think that my tiny crumbs from the tiny flake helped the tiny bird to freedom, but who knows. I felt a kinship with the bird, whether he was feeling trapped or attacking his own reflection, I’ve been there..we’ve all been there… and its always nice to relate to someone and lend a helping hand, claw, beak, what have you. I’m glad he found his way. Happy Independence Day, little bird.

all content (c) Natasha Sanchez, 2019