The State of My World, September 2018: Sun, Sol, Soliel, Sonne

That’s right – the Sun!  This month my world has been all about the sun, searching for it, photographing it, making sun prints in it,  and getting ready for World Cyanotype Day this Saturday, September 29th! 

Collage of Cyanotypes from Around the World! Quebec (TX), Globe (AZ), & Mecca (CA)

Cyanotypes from Around the Globe, 2018

This Saturday 9/29 I’ll be leading a Cyanotype Workshop with Robert Schaefer and Jennifer Shaw at the New Orleans Healing Center.. ALL DAY LONG!  All are welcome and its FREE!   Drop by anytime from 10am to 4pm we have ready-to-print 12 inch pre-coated flags and materials for you to design and create your own little piece of the sun. Feel free to bring objects that you would like to use as well (think shapes..)  Robert will also be giving a presentation on the history of the cyanotype, one of the first photo processes developed in 1842.

the making of cyanotypes on the road

World Cyanotype Day began in 2015. From the website: “we wanted World Cyanotype Day to serve as a worldwide opportunity to create a work of art. We chose the idea of making prayer flags, or peace flags that resemble the Himalayan prayer flag strands.  Just as the flags are connected together, one to the next, so we hoped the project would connect people together, one to the next, around the world.”

When you participate you can choose to leave one of your flags at the Healing Center to be exhibited this December during PhotoNOLA, the New Orleans Photo Alliance’s annual gathering of photography in New Orleans.  

If you are reading this email then you are probably familiar with my lumen prints, another solar printing process. What I love about printing with the sun is that you are both documenting and creating your own world.  This year the creators of World Cyanotype want people to gather everywhere in, parking lots, parks, galleries, wherever to put your “World” in World Cyanotype Day! 

Oh, and no sun? No Problem! We’ll be like Vegas and make our own!

(ok, so the sun is real, the New York skyline is not..)

Haha, but true-ish…. we have several photographers ready & willing to donate UV light boxes in the event of rain/cloudy skies, so we will be printing Rain or Shine!

Hope to see y’all Saturday, September 29th!

More info :

New Orleans Healing Center | 2372 St Claude | 10-4pm

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Searching for the Sun